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If you caught Episode 109 with Max Koby of ABSTRAX he shared an exclusive story about “Man Vs. Machine” where ABSTRAX was able to test their terpene R&D with a man who has expressed he can determine cannabis strains based off “interpening”. Lit & Lucid were able to sit down with this man, Max Montrose, Founder of Trichome Institute who created the art and science of the cannabis sommelier, formally known as Interpening. Through years of personal experience and his own R&D Max has created a program in which you can determine the quality and effects of cannabis with your eyes, nose, and knowledge.

We sit down with Max to discuss how he became aware of this skillset, as he’s always had the ability to speak to plants since he was younger allowing him to have a great connection to Mother Nature than many of us do. He expresses how difficult it has been to get others to understand how Interpening works since the industry has been conditioned to inaccurately denote cannabis strains by “indica” “sativa” “hybrid”. We discuss the accuracy of his skillset and certification and how it has the ability to shift the cannabis industry for the better.

If you’ve always wondered how the Freemason’s feel about plant medicine Max provides us with his insight + he tells us what he really thinks about Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.

Tune in now to learn from Max Montrose about the power and future of Interpening on the cannabis industry and how you too could become a sommelier through the Trichome Institute.

Max Montrose

Interpening Max Montrose Trichome Institute

Before Trichome Institute was a company and interpening was a thing, Max was teaching MMJ patients in Colorado how to figure out which bud was best for them. The foundation of Trichome stems from a guy who loves cannabis, wants to help people, and most likely is from another universe. Max’s favorite things to do when he’s not on conference calls or doing podcasts include:

  • Traveling the world in search of the most exotic reptiles and other creatures that most people are terrified of
  • Going to stoned yoga in hopes of finding the love of his life (Update – he found her!)
  • Talking to his plants… like full conversations… they talk back…