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Tune in the Episode 37 with Co-Founder Josh Camitta and Director of Marketing, Sam Campbell of MJ Arsenal. Learn more about the inspiration behind this creative consumption tool the Martianâ„¢ Bubbler. They also discuss the ups and downs of marketing online in the cannabis industry.

Josh Camitta, Co-Founder

creative consumption MJ arsenal

Josh Camitta is co-founder of MJ Arsenal. A former professional golfer also employed in sales and operations for the world-renown PGA Tour, Camitta is an avid cannabis product designer. His first invention, The Grale, enabled MMJ patients and responsible recreational consumers to identify their ideal flower dosage based on the weight and strength of their cannabis. In 2014, Josh was issued his first patent on The Grale covering a proprietary grinding and weighting function for all vegetative materials. In 2016, along with a friend, Josh conceived Mary Jane’s Arsenal (MJA), helping source the company’s popular debut product, the Wand. Taking on more leadership responsibilities for MJA, Josh began development of his original Blunt BubblerTM and Joint BubblerTM concepts under the MJA umbrella, selling more than 50,000 units their first year in operation—including patents issued and pending for utility and design. Today, MJA’s line of coveted and collectable original blunt bubbler and joint bubblers, alongside their trademarked mini rigs are sold in over 1600 storefronts in the United States as well as many other retail establishments spanning four continents.

Josh Campbell, Director of Marketing

creative consumption MJ Arsenal
Josh Campbell

Sam Campbell began his career as a nightlife photographer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as arrowthree.com. Upon returning to the United States, Sam began producing marketing videos for numerous brands including Kidrobot, Adidas, BMW and Nissan under the moniker nvrvr.com. After meeting product developer Skip Stone in Boulder, Colorado, Sam co-founded the cannabis accessory company Stashlogix, bringing their widely popular cannabis storage products to market. In 2017, Sam joined forces with MJ Arsenal as the Director of Marketing and continues to drive the company’s innovative Joint and Blunt Bubblers, Mini Rigs, and accessories to fans around the world.

cannabis glass MJ Arsenal

The Martianâ„¢ Bubbler

MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal are makers of the original Blunt Bubbler™ and Joint Bubbler™. With patents pending on design and function and the use of innovative percolation technology, MJA’s unique line of portable, collectible glassware elevates the ordinary with an inventive twist on a time honored tradition. Often imitated but never parallelled, products like the Hydra and Merlin Mini Rigs™ include unique spill resistant designs while the coveted limited release Cupid, popular Martian, and playful Commander Tank warm hearts and cool hits around the globe. Collect one, collect them all —each piece fits in the palm of your hand. And, be sure to look for the MJA seal of authenticity! Blunt & Joint Bubblers & Mini Rigs: The Martian, Original Rollie Bubbler, The Merlin Rollie Bubbler and Mini -Rig™, The King Rollie Bubbler, The Dubbler Original Double Rollie Bubbler, The Commander Tank Rollie Bubbler, Hydra Mini Rig™ Prices range from $17.99 to $39.99.