Emerald Magazine

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Tune in to Episode 41 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast to hear from Founder and Editor of The Emerald Magazine, Christina DeGiovanni. Learn more about Christina’s journey through the black market cannabis industry and the experiences that led her to where she is today running a cannabis publication found online, and in print in California and Massachusetts.

Christina DeGiovanni

cannabis publication
Editor of The Emerald Magazine

In 2012, Christina founded the Emerald Magazine during her last semester of college at Humboldt State University, where she earned her degree in journalism. Initially a community and activities publication, Christina rebranded the magazine to cannabis three years in, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The magazine is now a leading industry resource guide for consumers by showcasing modern cannabis with easy-to-navigate profiles of companies, and product reviews for culinary, recreational and lifestyle trends.

Christina is an active member in both the business world and cannabis community. In 2014, she launched Humboldt Women, a grassroots organization that helped women in business off-set overhead costs by awarding a $500 grant every month. In 2016 she founded the Humboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, which serves its members in helping to create a sustainable future.