Cannabis and Neuroscience – Lucid Mood

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In the latest episode of Lit & Lucid Podcast we dive deep into the neuroscience behind cannabis.

cannabis neuroscience Tristan Watkins, Ph.D Chief Science Officer of Lucid Mood covers his transition into the industry and how he is utilizing his background in neuroscience to develop specific blends of cannabinoids to target specific moods.

Dr. Tristan Watkins is a neuroscientist that studies how terpenes and cannabinoids interact with the nervous system and applies this knowledge to creating cannabis formulas that deliver distinct and consistent effects.

His cannabis research began as a passion project during graduate school at Vanderbilt University, where he researched reward system activation in cannabis users and how changes in brain structure and function lead to changes in cognition and behavior – publishing six papers in the process.

Dr. Watkins currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of LucidMood, the leading brand of functional cannabis products.

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