The Daily Leaf – Stephen Gold

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Tune in to Episode 34 of the Lit & Lucid podcast to hear from Stephen Gold, Co-Founder of The Daily Leaf located in Portland, OR. The Daily Leaf helps drive information to cannabis consumers so they can make an educated decision about the products they want to purchase in the dispensary. Stephen also discusses the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament and Canna Bowl two innovative networking events for the cannabis industry.

If you are searching for cannabis deals before buying The Daily Leaf is your app!

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Stephen Gold, awarded “Best Marijuana Tech Product” by Dope Magazine two years in a row, is a real-time resource, created by Stephen Gold and Andy Yashar, that helps drive information to cannabis consumers. The Daily Leaf is a platform that helps consumers find local information pertaining to dispensary deals, product launches, and cannabis culture events. The service now provides visitors with savings of 10-75 percent off their regularly priced cannabis products. In addition, The Daily Leaf produces compelling behind-the-scenes video content and hosts events like Canna Bowl and the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament, “The Largest Cannabis Golf Tournament In The Northwest.” In 2018, TDL will be debuting their app and expanding to Vegas.