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Tune in to Episode 19 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Jenny Germano, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Cannabis Consultant for ICS Consulting Services. Learn more about cannabis compliance and why it’s important for your business, ways to boost employment morale and retention rates, and insight into how to enter the cannabis industry from an employee standpoint.

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Jenny Germano, ICS Consulting Services

cannabis consultingJenny has been working in the Colorado marijuana field since 2009. She began as an employee in a medical marijuana dispensary and worked her way from the ground floor through every employee position in a medical and a recreational marijuana facility to the level of Director of Operations of a multi-million dollar retail dispensary operation.

Her consulting expertise is firmly rooted in hands-on knowledge and experience in every aspect of the business, including cannabis start-ups, dispensaries, edible and concentrate production and cultivation operations. She operated multiple licensed marijuana operations in a 6 year span and currently 3 years in cannabis consulting. Jenny understands the peaks and valleys of running a business in a regulated environment.

Jenny’s consulting abilities particularly shine in human resource compliance, employee training, and regulatory compliance. She is experienced in setting up HR systems, skilled in creating operations structure, developing accountability and leadership skills in employees.

Her passion is for creating systems and structure, and generating processes that will help move the industry forward. Jenny’s experience has shown the more structure that’s created, the more the business and employees will flourish naturally within the structure.

Jenny is an advocate for employee compliance education, as she was once an employee herself in the industry. She understands the connection that is required when working with employees and understands the value of teaching moments and championing employees to strive to be their best.

She views everything thing that she does in her life and career as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. This approach tends to inspire her consulting clients to meet the challenges of creating a successful business with an engaged and invigorated attitude that benefits the business, ownership, management, employees, customers and the bottom line. She has compassion for owners in this industry because of the hard work it takes to be successful and the constant changes the industry faces on a daily basis.

​Jenny founded ICS Consulting Service in 2015 and transitioned from being an employee in the industry to an owner of a compliance support focused consulting business, who specializes in compliance training for licensed facilities in Cultivation, Edible and Concentrate Production, and Dispensary Operations.