Water Soluble Cannabinoid Technology

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Stillwater Brands’ is leading the way in Colorado with their water-soluble cannabinoid-infused products. We sat down with Drew Hathaway, Senior Food Scientist at Stillwater to learn more about this propriety technology. Drew taught us about the technical aspects of making cannabinoids water-soluble for their well known RIPPLE dissolvable powder. Stillwater Brands has also teamed up with Colorado State University to research the bio-availability of this product and how the absorption affects the body on a more technical level. We finish the episode discussing their latest product release of infused gummies and what makes them different from competitors.

If you are a Colorado consumer and want to learn more about Stillwater Brands this episode is for you!

If CBD is more your jam, you can find the same technology being used in their Caliper CBD products.

Drew Hathaway

Water Soluble Cannabinoid Technology Stillwater BrandsDrew Hathaway is Senior Food Scientist at Caliper Foods, which develops and produces soluble cannabinoid-infused consumer packaged goods and bulk ingredients in partnership with Stillwater Brands. He conducts research and development for B2B and B2C product lines, including Stillwater Brands’ Ripple portfolio that features THC and CBD dissolvable powder products for the adult-use cannabis market.

In his role, Drew leads development of products that utilize Caliper Foods’ proprietary technology for making cannabinoids water-soluble in powder form and as liquid concentrates, improving bioavailability and ease of use for manufacturers and the end consumer.

His work includes evaluating production batches to ensure product safety and consistency in taste, flavor and stability, as well as ongoing shelf-life testing. Beyond the tactile science of creating top-quality infused food products and bulk cannabinoid ingredients, Drew furthers research to explore new product types and innovation of manufacturing processes for functional ingredients. He also helps support studies conducted independently of Caliper Foods as science firms and academic institutions investigate the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of various cannabinoid delivery methods.

Previously, he worked for Ingredion, a global food ingredient supplier. He provided technical sales support for Ingredion’s food manufacturing customers in the western United States, including licensed cannabis infused-product manufacturers.

He earned a master’s in Food Science from The Ohio State University. He currently lives in the Denver area and pursues outdoor recreation in all seasons—hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking and snowboarding.