GoFire – Dosed Inhaler

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Tune in to Episode 38 with the CEO of GoFire Inc., Peter Calfee to learn more about the innovative Gofire dosed inhaler created to provide consumers with accurately dosed and trackable consumption. GoFire also has created an app that allows consumers to scan, track, and provide feedback on the products they are consuming.

Peter Calfee

gofire dosed inhaler

Peter is an original founder at GoFire, a life-science focused initiative, laying the framework for the future of alternative health. He believes research-based initiatives are the only way to unlock the inherent value of alternative medicine, and intends to continue laying new clinical frameworks that validate the medicinal efficacy of phytomedicine. He has a scientific background in supercritical fluid chromatography, and intends to leverage his keen understanding of molecular science to further clinical research initiatives surrounding phytopharmaceuticals.