Cannabis Marketing – Nevada

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Tune in to Episode 59 with Rachel Zimbelman, Founder/COO of Why Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rachel provides detailed insight into the landscape of cannabis marketing and branding in Nevada. She touches on common struggles brands face when in the development phase especially in terms of packaging rules and regulations and how her business can help combat those issues. Rachel also gives some great advise for entrepreneurs entering the industry. If you are in the business of marketing for your cannabis business this episode is one you can’t miss!

Rachel Zimbelman

Rachel Zimbelman Cannabis Marketing

Rachel Zimbelman is an award winning visual artist, designer, researcher and CBD beauty manufacture. She is the Co-Founder of CBDNA and Founder / COO of WhyWorkshop. Founded in 2009, Why Workshop is the only minority, female owned agency who’s primary clients are in the Cannabis sector. As a pioneer in this field they work with such brands as Essence, Cannabiotix, Evergreen Organix and Green Life Productions.

Rachels dedication to bringing others passions to life spans over 20 years where she has been an Art Director & Designer in the Print and Media industries.

A designer in love with all things creative Rachel appreciates the “freedom” to work on hand picked, inspiring projects to create lasting impact. She brings her training in cross culture communications and buying psychology into most projects and has a continued passion for personal growth that she incorporates into her work to elevate the level of brand development for her clients.

Rachel is always on the lookout for new inspiration and experiences to keep ideas fresh and innovative. When not working, she can be found sharing time with the family.