Phyx Cannabis Infused Sparking Water – Spherex

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Tune in to Episode 76 recorded live at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, NV with CTO of Spherex, Niccolo Aieta. Spherex is an innovative cannabis extraction company started in Denver, CO in 2015. Through Niccolo’s background as a chemical engineer and post-doctoral work Niccolo has expanded into cannabis infused sparkling water. Phyx is a tasteless immediate effect with proprietary Nano-encapsulation absorption technology. Learn more about what sets Spherex and Phyx a part from the competition in the latest episode of L & L streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and

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Niccolo Aieta

Sphrex Phyx Niccolo AietaNiccolo Aieta, Ph.D. is the founder and CTO of Spherex, an innovative cannabis extraction company and producer of top-shelf vape cartridges, dablicators and infused products. Educated as a chemical engineer, he received his Ph.D. at the Colorado School of Mines researching hydrogen fuel cell technology.

His post-doctoral work at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) included improvements in the automation and manufacturing of complex electrochemical devices. While at NREL, Niccolo took a strong interest in the business applications of clean energy technology. As the manager at the Lab’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Niccolo helped over 200 individual companies collaborate with the Lab on their energy businesses.

After founding Spherex in 2015, Niccolo grew the company as an industrial scale CO2 cannabis refinement operator built on two founding principles: efficiency and scale.

When Spherex entered the marketplace, the highest efficiency using supercritical CO2 was roughly 50%. Within one year of the company’s founding, Spherex’ scientific team achieved extraction efficiencies of over 95%. Spherex then combined that efficiency with ramped-up processing capacity to refine up to 120 pounds of raw cannabis per day, applying industrial engineering and lean manufacturing principles.

Today, as CTO of Spherex, Niccolo oversees all operational and technical aspects of the business. Most days, he can be found reviewing the supercritical fluid extraction operations, in the lab creating new products, training employees, and working closely with partners planning the company’s next stage of growth.

Niccolo enjoys bringing together people from different backgrounds and experiences to share ideas and address complex problems with significant impact. The cannabis industry presents many complex problems with great impact, so rarely does Niccolo find himself bored.