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We had the opportunity to connect with Katie Devoe of CBD Worldwide at the World CBD Expo in Pasadena, CA on Saturday August 17th discussing CBD manufacturing.

Tune in to Episode 65 with Katie Devoe of CBD Nationwide as she discusses the importance of a legitimate CBD manufacturing source. Katie is a serial entrepreneur who has utilized her passion for the plant to help educate others on the importance of knowing the source of your product manufacturer and how to bring a successful business to market.

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Katie Devoe

CBD Manufacturing Katie DevoeKatie Devoe was one of the very first female leaders in cannabis and hemp and is an owner of several successful entities in the industry. Her broad areas of expertise include start-ups, branding, marketing innovation, distribution, business development, sales and transformational leadership.

For the past decade she has founded companies, built successful brands and created some of the best-selling products in the business. Katie has earned a national reputation for industry proficiency and integrity and is an accomplished thought leader, speaker, writer and educator.

Katie has a keen sense of what it takes to launch and build a successful brand in this complex and evolving industry. Her cross-functional skillset and entrepreneurial innovation has ultimately led to her success in the industry. She is also passionate about educating the public as the hemp and cannabis movement takes hold.

In 2009 with her brother, she co-founded Paradise, a groundbreaking edibles and extracts company which is still thriving. It was the powerful and tasty hard candies that put Paradise on the map in the medical cannabis space a decade ago. The California-based company has now become one of the top-producing in-house CBD and THC edibles manufacturer CBD Manufacturing Katie Devoe
in the nation.

Once Paradise was established, other brands wanted to enter the market but had little manufacturing experience. Soon, Paradise began to white label manufacture products for other companies. In finding success in that, Katie and her brother launched CBD Nationwide.

CBD Nationwide is one of the most established and largest private label and bulk CBD manufacturers in the U.S. With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and an experienced production team, CBD Nationwide now manufactures for many of the large CBD brands seen on the market today.

In 2017, Katie co-founded Sacred Biology, a women-owned and operated business that produces award-winning CBD-infused topical products. Katie and her sister-in-law started Sacred Biology because they saw a need in the market for CBD skincare and body products made with quality and with natural ingredients. Sacred Biology products are made from organic ingredients and sold nationwide.

Katie’s longevity in the industry and her ability to endure as a female business leader has helped her to gain an incredible amount of wisdom. She has always been passionate about being kind to the environment in all business and manufacturing practices, while also providing quality, reasonably priced goods that are available for the masses.

Realizing the importance of education in the industry, in 2019 Katie launched an educational program called CannaCertified (www.canna-certified.com). It is an online certification program that allows people to gain knowledge about the plant, the business and the industry as a whole. More advanced modules are offered for businesspeople looking to enter the booming industry and for medical professionals who want to better understand the science.

Katie believes in the healing properties of the hemp and cannabis plant. She and her business partners are on a mission to enhance lives and heal people through high-quality, reasonably priced goods that are available for the masses.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing Management degree from California State University. She enjoys family time with her husband and is the mother to a vibrant, young daughter. Katie is also committed to enriching the lives of children and veterans through a variety of national and local charitable organizations.