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Tune in to Episode 22 streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify with CEO & Founder Jared Mirsky, of Wick & Mortar. Learn about the sheer importance of having proper branding and marketing for your company in the cannabis industry.

Wick & Mortar is the oldest cannabis focused branding and marketing agency in the country headquartered in Seattle, WA. W&M specializes in branding, marketing, web design, packaging, SEO, photography, and more.

Jared Mirsky

jared mirsky Jared has always had a passion for entreprenuership growing up in Monroe, WA watching his dad run and operate over 15 Gold’s Gyms in Southern California. After working for his dad and running club promotions for a few years at the age of 19 Jared decided to learn graphic design on his own in order to increase profits for his current business.

He fell in love with the creative work and started Online Marijuana Design in 2009 after realizing there was a niche market for the nearly emerging cannabis industry. Since then OMD has transitioned into Wick & Mortar a full fledged branding and marketing agency receiving accolades from CNN Money, Dope Magazine, WeWork, and GeekWire to name a few.

If you are interested in reshaping your company’s brand and creating engaging content check out Wick & Mortar to learn more.