Cannabis DNA Testing Kit – Green Genomix

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Tune in to Episode 49 with Jackson Rowland, Founder and CEO of Green Genomix, Cannabis DNA Testing Kit. Learn more about this innovative product and why consumers will benefit from such testing. The Green Genomix DNA test uses your DNA to identify specific genetic variants known to be responsible for the uniqueness of your biochemical makeup. This information is used to help determine which cannabis products you should use and more.

Jackson Rowland

Green Genomix Cannabis DNA Testing
Rowland is the Founder & CEO of Green Genomix. Jackson is a scientist-turned-CEO passionate about how cannabis can be used for treating ailments. As the CEO, Jackson is responsible for providing strategic leadership, working with the management team to establish long-term goals, and implement the company’s mission and vision. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Jackson reading and writing about the latest scientific developments.

Aaron Moss

Green Genomix Cannabis DNA TestingAaron Moss is the Co-Founder & Director of Operations at Green Genomix. Aaron is a computer scientist with a passion for healthcare and entrepreneurship. Aaron maintains and improves the Green Genomix website, develops and manages marketing efforts, and works to grow the company culture. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Aaron cruising through the Front Range on his mountain bike.