Meet anna, Cannabis Vending Machine

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Introducing anna, the first AI-powered checkout solution for the cannabis industry! We had the pleasure of seeing anna in action at Kind Love Dispensary in Denver, CO while sitting down with the CEO and Founder Matt Frost. Matt told us about the business school project that sparked the idea for anna and the journey he went through in order to make this dream a reality. Anna is meant to be a more efficient method of shopping at a dispensary in addition to the traditional budtender shopping option. For those who are frequent consumers, introverts or just looking for a new way to shop the anna vending machine is the way to go. We chatted about the the regulatory and software requirements needed for creating a self-serving vending machine for the cannabis industry. Matt tells us about the future expansion of anna as more states continue to legalize cannabis.

If you are lucky enough to live near a dispensary that offers anna give it a try and let Matt know what you think!

Matt Frost

Anna cannabis vending machine Matt Frost

Matt Frost is the CEO and Founder of anna, a streamlined self-checkout solution for cannabis and CBD retailers. His deep expertise in healthcare analytics programming, along with a dogged entrepreneurial drive, informed and inspired his creation of a fully compliant model for frictionless retail automation within this tightly regulated sector.

Mr. Frost previously spent almost a decade in the health sector, formulating HIPAA privacy-compliant insurance billing and data analytics programs for some of New England’s largest healthcare operators. His pursuit of an MBA through Boston University galvanized his leap into the cannabis space, where he quickly went about securing anna’s patent-pending technology and launching the new company. A native of Massachusetts, Mr. Frost divides his time between anna’s Boston headquarters and its satellite office in Boulder.