Northern Nights Music Festival & Backbone

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Tune in to Episode 111 featuring Peter Huson, Chief of Operations at Backbone. We discuss Peter’s educational background and how that journey led him to the cannabis industry. We chat about his experience as an Aerospace Engineer for government contracts working with NASA and the project he worked on at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Peter has always had a passion for live music and became the Co-Founder of Northern Nights Music Festival in California in 2013. Peter recognized that many attendees were cannabis consumer’s however they didn’t have a way to legally consume on site while mostly all festivals offered beer gardens for alcohol consumers. Peter wanted the attendees of NNM to have a different experience so he worked alongside local regulators and co-authored AB2020 granting Northern Nights the go-ahead to be the first festival to offer legal cannabis sales. Peter also describes the potential for a psychedelic consumption section at future festivals as laws and guidelines continue to evolve.

While the pandemic put a damper on 2020’s plans Peter has high hopes for the festival in 2021. Check out Northern Nights Festival to learn more and to stay up-to-date on the 2021 festival tentatively scheduled for July 16-18th.

Peter Huson

Peter Huson Northern Nights Music Festival

Peter Huson, PhD, is Chief of Operations at Backbone where he oversees Professional Services, Sales, and Partnerships. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara, a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (subcontracting for NASA), and a PhD in Structural Engineering from UC San Diego. Peter is also co-founder of the Northern Nights Music Festival in partnership with Starr Hill Presents/Red Light Management, having co-authored AB2020 allowing Northern Nights to be the first festival with legal cannabis sales — this led to co-managing compliance and operations for both the Northern Nights Tree Lounge and Outside Lands Grasslands, paving the way for future events in California. Additionally, Peter is Co-Founder and COO at One Log Cannabis Business Park, Compliance Officer at Mesh Ventures, and to date, he’s successfully acquired over 50 cannabis licenses across the supply chain.