Confident Cannabis – Brad Bogus

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Tune in to Episode 27 with Brad Bogus, VP of Growth and Marketing with Confident Cannabis. Confident Cannabis is an online database for cannabis producers, processors, wholesales, and retailers to showcase and discover real time data on various products on the market from licensed laboratories. Brad discusses this software and the importance for it in the industry as well as their new product launch that helps consumers understand the terpene profiles of cannabis strains depending on each strain’s unique method of cultivation and location of the cultivar.

Brad Bogus

Former GM for The Cannabist, the Denver Post’s marijuana paper of record, Brad has a background in content marketing and multimedia, co-founding the multimedia production company Makeshift Productions in 2003 and the marketing and advertising agency Speak Social in 2010. As VP of Growth and Marketing for Confident Cannabis, confident cannabisBrad’s tasked primarily with developing marketplace brand awareness and communication strategy.

He’s also the co-host of NerdAF, a weekly-ish podcast about all things nerd headquartered in Denver, CO. Brad studied theatre, acting, and directing with an emphasis on Shakespeare at Texas State University, then University of Houston in the BFA programs. He’s unreasonably passionate about punk rock. It’s his everything. Brad’s other passions and hobbies include art (he paints, plays music, and sketches), astrophysics, history, and the outdoors—from bouldering and hiking, to competing in the 420 Games.